Today we went to an amazing little town called Puttaparthi which is on the map as the home of Sai Baba, a famous Indian guru.  There we met with Clementien, a Dutch ex-pat who settled there and started the Karuna Society For Animals and Nature.  Clementien is a force of nature and lives fiercely by a code that no living thing should suffer or hurt.  She began by rescuing mistreated or abandoned cows in Puttaparthi and now houses any animal she finds that needs her help.  Contrary to popular opinion, cows in India do not have such a great deal.  India is the #1 exporter of beef in the world and cows are very valuable.  Mostly people cannot afford to keep them so they roam the streets, as they once did in their revered status.  Sadly now there is not enough grassland left so they mainly eat trash.  Once they are old enough and big enough they are taken to make shift slaughter facilities and butchered.  They are so full of plastic and other toxic trash that the meat is often severely tainted.  Clementien made a film called The Plastic Cow in which she shows doctors pulling 50 pounds of plastic bags out of the stomach(s) of a cow in an attempt to save its life.  This is normal over there.  Some of the cows in the shelter act like kittens or puppies.  This one followed me around and nestled her head in my lap, licked my toes, and leaned on me so I would pet her.  I’ll spare you all the paralyzed and starving puppies and the armless monkeys.  She is desperate for an enormous amount of money to keep the growing operation on its feet.  She works crazy long hours to keep all these animals safe.  Help her if you can.

Blog written by Mott Hupfel